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Welcome to the official website of award-winning, middle grade author Benjamin Ellefson. Discover the whimsical, fantasy worlds of his books, enter to win in a monthly book giveaway, join him each month reading and discussing in his free book club, or download fun activities for kids.

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The color extractor needle from The Collapsing Kingdom
The color extractor eye from The Collapsing Kingdom
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The Land without Color

The Land without Color, by Benjamin Ellefson“The Land without Color is imaginative, wholesome entertainment – the way children’s stories used to be.”
John Wesley Smith, DestinySurvival Radio &

“The story has a fairytale feel to it with a modern main character. Alvin is a character kids can relate to, and the Kingdom of Color is a pretty silly, fun world with unique characters that live in it!”
Erik Weibel,

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The Great Sugar War

The Great Sugar War, by Benjamin Ellefson“A magical parable filled with preparedness and self-reliance.”
Pat Henry

“Magical and memorable, a tale that warms the heart, touches the soul, and inspires the spirit.”
John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series.

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The Collapsing Kingdom

The Collapsing Kingdom, by Benjamin Ellefson“The Collapsing Kingdom is health food for your imagination. A story for the ages.”
Ty Allan Jackson, author of Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade

“Best middle grade series I have read since the Percy Jackson series.”
Gillion Machota, Booktuber

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Permy and the Cyclops Baker

Permy and the Cyclops Baker, by Benjamin EllefsonGet your Free, short story Permy and the Cyclops Baker now!

Follow the whimsical adventures of a young squirrel who explores too far from home and is captured by a giant cyclops who loves to bake cookies and feed them to her prisoners.

Laugh out loud in this silly tale that introduces young readers to the zany world of The Land without Color.

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Free Activities for Kids

Free Activities for KidsAre you looking for something to do between books?

Download fun activities, including coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and more themed after Benjamin Ellefson’s books.

All for free!

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Permy sneaking away in Permy and the Cyclops Baker

October Book Giveaway

Each month I give away a paperback copy of a great, middle grade book. This month you have a chance to win:

The Girl Who Drank the Moon
by Kelly Barnhill

Read all about how to enter on my Giveaway page.

October Book Club

Each month I select a great, middle grade book to read together with all of my fans. This month we are reading:

by Amie and Bethany Borst

Read all about how to join us in our discussion on my Book Club page.

Alvin walking across the land of darkness in The Land without Color

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Book Review: The Littles and the Great Halloween Scare

Halloween is the best holiday. Costumes and trick-or-treating. But for tiny people only a few inches tall, it is impossible to go door to door for candy. Instead, the kids all plan a big scare that they do for their parents. But when Tom completes the perfect scare, he puts his whole family at risk. The entertaining book The Littles and the Halloween Scare will amuse young readers and get their mischievous sides churning. The perfect read for some innocent, Halloween fun.

Book Review: The Jumbies

Book Review: The Jumbies

Legend has it that deep within the dark woods on the island lives mysterious creatures known as The Jumbies. They are a terrifying evil that lurk among the trees waiting to seize anyone who ventures into their territory. Or so legend has it. But Corrine is no ordinary girl. She doesn’t believe in such fairy tales. Soon, she will discover that the stories are true. And the jumbies are real. Before she knows it, Corrine and her family are in terrible danger.

Alvin and Permy spying in The Land without Color

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