Danny Dollar is the man with a plan. At only eleven years old, he is determined to become a millionaire. The best part is that his plan is not to become rich by becoming a celebrity or famous athlete. His plan is to work hard, save, and invest his money.

This easy to read, educational book will inspire young readers with a fun story about a kid with a solid work ethic striving for his goals.

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade by Ty Allan Jackson

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade

Author: Ty Allan Jackson

Illustrator: Jonathan Shears

Grade Level: 3 – 4

Paperback: 102 pages

Formats: Paperback


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It starts with Danny talking directly to the reader and telling them all about himself. He tells them about his dreams and goals of working hard, investing in wall street, and becoming a millionaire. But at only eleven, Danny is starting at the bottom by working every odd job that he can get. He mows lawns, walks dogs, rakes leaves, shovels show, washes cars, and runs errands for people. At the end of the week, he earns one hundred dollars. He then goes to the bank and deposits all in his savings account to invest when he is older.

The story follows Danny as he interacts with his friends and sister. They are typical kids that spend their time playing basketball and hanging out. Whenever they get money, they rush right out to buy the cool new pair of sneakers or the latest video games. None of them understand why Danny doesn’t buy any kid treasures with his money. Or why he works so hard when he’s got an allowance. But they are each jealous that he has so much money.

Danny even loans out money to his sister when she wants to go to the movies. But he does it with twenty percent interest. In the end, it is a great lesson on the importance of saving money instead of borrowing it for Danny, his sister, and the reader.

Danny’s big idea to make a ton of money is a lemonade stand outside a city festival. Hiring two of his friends to help, he sells several flavors of lemonade with shaved ice, sugar, and his secret ingredient. He even uses little drink umbrellas to add flair to his drinks. Everything is going great and Danny sells over three hundred dollars of lemonade. But everything goes bad when the local bully decides to play a mean prank to get back and Danny and his friends for scuffing up his new shoes in a game of basketball.

The bully distracts Danny and his friends while an accomplice pours vinegar into the last container of lemonade. Unfortunately, this happens right before the mayor of New York comes and buys lemonade from Danny for himself, his body guards, and the media following him around. This leads to an embarrassing incident that threatens to put Danny out of business for good. But Danny is quick witted and never gives up in his effort to clear his name and grow his business.

This book is a fun story with relatable characters. It’s filled with a great message that is naturally weaved into the story. I especially love how educational this book was. During the story there were a lot of financial words. At the end of every chapter, it lists out those words with definitions and examples. There were also inspiring, real-world examples of people working hard and using their brains to invest and make lots of money.

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade is a must read book for all young readers diving into chapter books. It’s a great story and the perfect way to help young readers learn about saving money and finances.

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