Lost in the woods. No food. No supplies. Only a hatchet to survive. Can thirteen year old Brian stay alive alone hundreds of miles from civilization?

Discover the thrilling, survival adventure Hatchet. This heart pounding book will keep readers at the edge of their seat as Brian fights through every obstacle.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen


Author: Gary Paulsen

Paperback: 192 pages

Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook, audiobook

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It all started from a single word. Divorce. His parents divorced and his father moved into the wilderness of northern Canada. He lived with his mom in New York and was going to see his dad for the first time in his new house. It was so far out in the wilderness that the only way to reach it was by plane. So his mom chartered a small Cessna 406 and kissed him goodbye as he took off in the tiny plane with only him and the pilot.

But while flying over the vast wilderness, the pilot had a heart attack. The plane crash landed in a lake in the middle of the woods. He barely escaped from the sinking ship with his life. Now is was all alone in the endless forest. All he had with him to survive was a hatchet.

In pain and without any training, Brian struggles to figure out how to survive. He has to figure out how to make a fire, how to get clean water to drink, and how to catch fish and hunt for food. Along the way, he grows and learns to take care of himself.

I absolutely love this riveting adventure. It was realistic and exciting. I especially loved how Brian made so many mistakes. And had to learn from his mistakes in order to survive. It’s a great lesson for young readers.