Lost in Chicago. On the run from countless men with guns. Caught between two international spy organizations. Protecting an important historical artifact. Not bad for an almost seventh grader.

Discover the excitement of The League and the Lantern. Young readers will thrill at the action-packed tale of a boy struggling to fit in while thrust into an adventure of a lifetime.

The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells

The League and the Lantern

Author: Brian Wells

Series: League and Lantern (book 1)

Paperback: 282 pages

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook


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It is the end of summer before seventh grade. Jake is tired of being the kid left out, always teased by everyone. But seventh grade is a new year. It is a new school with a whole set of new kids. This is Jake’s big Do-Over. So when he attends a sleepover orientation for his school at a museum, he is excited for his big chance to make friends.

Unfortunately, things quickly start out on the wrong foot. After several awkward introductions and an incident with a corndog, everything seems to be going wrong. Just when his worries over another bad year seem to be coming true, the troubles of school instantly disappear. The lights go out and a small army of men with guns storm into the museum. They are looking for the hat and gloves worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he is assassinated. And they will hurt anyone in their way to get them.

Before Jake knows it, he is on the run across the city with two classmates. He has the gloves in his pocket and the men are after them. They soon discover that there is a secret war between two secret organizations, the Union Defense League and the Order of the Dark Lantern. The Lantern is bent on power and control of the world while the League defends the world against them.

Lost on the streets of Chicago, they soon realize that these organizations have far more reaching power than they thought possible. Jake and his classmates don’t know who they can trust. Follow the twists and turns as they fight for survival and learn the truth.

This fun book has many twists and turns and will keep young readers at the edge of their seat. I especially loved the real connection to history. It’s filled with plethora of historical references and information. Perfect for any history buff.