Planning weddings are always an exciting adventure. Especially when the weddings involve bringing together a community of tiny people only six inches tall. Traveling for days across neighborhoods with the dangers of cats or being discovered by regular sized people. Now imagine doing that in one day.

The Littles Have a Wedding is a fun addition to The Littles series that lets young readers get to know the characters even more. We meet more littles and learn more about that world.

The Littles Have a Wedding by John Peterson

The Littles Have a Wedding

Author: John Peterson

Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark

Age Range:7 – 10

Grade Level: 3 – 4

Series: Littles (book 4)

Paperback: 96 pages

Formats: Paperback

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The story starts with the littles worrying about Cousin Dinky. It’s been over three weeks since he’s left for his last adventure. They are beginning to worry that his plane crashed. Or something worse. So they decide to climb up onto the roof and look for him with a pair of binoculars they borrowed from the Biggs. Soon, they spot him flying over the tops of the trees through the neighborhood. And he is flying with a woman.

When he arrives, Dinky breaks out his guitar to sing everyone a song he wrote that announces the engagement between him and Della Kett. The littles rejoice in the excitement and start right away planning the wedding. The first thing they need to find is a place to have the wedding. Since there are no littles who are able to perform the wedding, they must find a wedding being held for regular sized people and travel to that location to do it at the same time. This is complicated even further because Dinky and Della want their wedding in a house, which is quite unusual.

As luck would have it, Dinky travels all around and succeeds in finding the perfect location. There is only one problem. The big people are having their wedding the next day. So the littles must scramble to get everything together in time so that they don’t miss their chance for their dream wedding.

Young readers will enjoy this heartwarming chapter in the saga of The Littles. I especially loved reading about how the littles living in the walls were so interconnected with the big people, even though they didn’t know the littles existed.

The series grows and expands with each book. By finishing this fourth book, readers will come to know and love each character and eagerly await the next book.

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