How would you feel if you’d never been to a birthday party before? Now image you were only a few inches tall and each year a house full of regular sized kids were having fun stomping around the house at a birthday party and all you could do was watch.

In the second, entertaining installment of The Littles series of books, Tom and Lucy Little experience that very frustration. Young readers will enjoy the continuation of the littles family and learn even more about the world they live in.

The Littles Take a Trip by John Peterson

The Littles Take a Trip

Author: John Peterson

Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark

Age Range: 7 – 10

Grade Level: 2 – 5

Series: Littles (book 2)

Paperback: 96 pages

Formats: Paperback

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Its starts with Tom and Lucy watching birthday party of Henry Bigg, unable to attend. Since the littles only live with one family to a house to reduce the chances of being discovered, they have never had their own birthday parties. And never get to see other little children. So Lucy wrote a birthday card and a letter for Henry Bigg and placed it with the others.

Thankfully, Tom is able to sneak out and grab the letter before the Biggs read it and discover the littles living in their walls. But this makes them realize that the children need to spend time with other little kids. So the family sends messages through Cousin Dinky to the five nearest little families to have a get together.

For regular people, walking a few houses down is no big deal. It only takes a few minutes to get there. But for littles, it is a dangerous mission. It requires traveling for a whole day to get to the nearest house with other little people it in. Along the way, there are wild animals and people that could spot them. It takes proper planning and the effort of the entire family.

Once they are all ready, the family sets out on their journey together. They recruit the Biggs’ cat to help transport them using little chairs for Granny and Uncle Pete. But when Henry Bigg comes out into the yard to play ball with his friends, the cat runs away into the woods. Now the littles are about to discover the one place more dangerous than the outside neighborhood; the wild woods.

The Little Take a Trip is a fun sequel that will keep young readers interests. New characters are introduced and the world of the littles is expanded. I especially loved meeting Dinky Little and his glider that he uses to fly around the neighborhood visiting different houses with tiny people in them.

If you have young readers looking for a fun book series to devour while they are tiptoeing into chapter books, The Littles is the perfect one for them.

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